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Spectrum Data Technologies is an IT consulting and development company. Our team specializes in developing mobile applications and solutions for clients. We’ve had the privilege of providing our clients with revenue-generating end-to-end technology solutions since 2000.
Our approach is collaborative and flexible — we strive to understand our clients’ unique objectives, and respond with innovative solutions that leverage leading-edge technologies; these solutions are supported by a carefully designed infrastructure. For over 10 years, we have built our company around our core qualities of speed, value, and expertise. The Spectrum advantage continues to bring success stories to our clients today. Whether the task is implementing a complete e-commerce system, developing mobile applications, or consulting on general IT projects – Spectrum DT has you covered.
Amyn Gillani

Amyn Gillani


Since founding Spectrum in 2000, Amyn has driven consulting projects to success for many clients, some of whom include: Flickr, Myspace, Foursquare, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, IBM Global Services, AT&T Broadband, and Nortel. He has worked in the I.T. industry for over 14 years, and has a B.S. in Computer Science from Florida International University.


Tim Murison


Tim has a proven track record of increasing client profitability on a wide variety of platforms since joining the Spectrum team in 2003. He has a demonstrated ability to deliver top quality software under tight time and budget constraints; most notably at Radialpoint where he led the development of core components in the company’s very first Mac OSX product with minimal ramp-up time. His expertise ranges from speech recognition applications and mobile testing frameworks to multi-platform digital signage client-server solutions and consumer security software. Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Concordia University in Montreal.


Pascal Patry

Pascal Patry


Ever since joining Spectrum in 2009, Pascal has designed and implemented custom solutions on a range of mobile platforms (including iPhone and Android) as well as the web (GWT.) Previously, he leveraged his extensive experience in cross-platform C/C++ development to engineer high-availability, multi-threaded client-server systems for BroadSign’s digital signage network. Pascal currently has a patent pending on the control of time inventory across large networks.